Meet Golden Bird, Gaza’s event organizing company


After offering their services to the private and public sector, three founders noticed that there’s a problem with the event management industry in Gaza. Therefore, they decided to launch Golden Bird, to help companies and institutions organize events. 

This isn’t the only service it provides. The company, which was founded early 2013 under the motto “Any Help, Any Service,” also provides consultations, logistic and commercial services. 

It offers logistical support for companies and organizations through its platform, according to Heba ElAqqad, Director of Consulting, and these services could include planning and organizing events. 

The company makes money through commissions, according to Ishaq Elewady, Director of Logistics. “We take commissions to organize events and from consultants or from the logistic companies we deal with,” He says.

Golden Bird also claims to have the best local prices, since they get a retailer’s rate and deal directly with suppliers. Golden Bird has partnered with a team of expert consultants as he says, to add to their main service, and they are also helping entrepreneurs write their business plans and offer advice about funding. 

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