4 questions we'd like to see answered at Webit, the tech conference in Istanbul

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On the heels of Webrazzi, Istanbul’s cozy, startup-focused tech conference, comes Webit, which will bring over 8,000 attendees to Istanbul on November 6th and 7th to discuss major tech industries in both developed and emerging markets.

With seven different topic tracks over two days (full program here), this year’s Webit focuses on four major themes: telecoms, e-commerce, content and advertising, and big data & analytics.

The conference will also offer a VIP package for the person who gets the most retweets, after tweeting to @WebitCongress explaining why they should be chosen to attend, including the hashtag #webit and the URL vip.webitcongress.com. The winner, who will receive a business class flight to Istanbul, a stay at a 5-star hotel, and access to the CEO’s lunch, Leaders lunch, and Chairman’s Official dinner, will have the most RTs and the most convincing reason.

The first WamdaCard members to claim their tickets here get in for free, and only a few places are left so claim yours now!

Here’s a look at a few major questions that we’d like to see answered at Webit.

How can big data help startups?

Big data is a major theme of the conference; in three different sessions, Webit will delve into how big data can be used to optimize advertising, retail, and communications.

In Big Data for Advertisers, Facebook, Lenovo, YuMe, the Silicon Valley-based digital video brand, and Havas Media, the sixth largest communications group worldwide, will face off. Those interested in data privacy might want to take the opportunity to lob questions at Facebook, in light of Mark Zuckerburg’s recent dig at U.S. government surveillance.

Later that day, Monis Rahman of Naseeb Networks, the founder of e-commerce analytics service Ometria, and the founder of curated fashion e-commerce site Lyst.com will address big data and retail analytics, while even later on, several speakers from HP, and Scott Thompson, the former CEO of Yahoo!, will give talks on how big data can augment communications and create value for startups.

How will over-the-top content creators transform the telecom industry?

In the telco track, not only will executives from Turkey, Congo, the U.K., and Sudan debate the future of the telecom industry, but executives from Over-the-top content (OTT) and Voice-over-IP (VOIP) services in Indonesia, Italy, the U.K., and the U.S., including Fring, Nimbuzz, and Startappz, N2V’s mobile-focused incubator, will discuss how over-the-top content is shifting revenue models for telcos- both offering new revenue streams and new competition for premium content on mobile. Next, a session on B2B digitization will follow.

How will e-commerce payments evolve?

In the e-commerce track, players like PayPal, Aramex, BitPay (the Bitcoin payment processor), Markafoni, one of Turkey’s leading flash sales sites, and global payment solution Paymill will debate payments and digital currency; who will be the first e-commerce site to offer Bitcoin payments?

How can users optimize engagement over video and music content?

As part of the conference’s “Digital Innovation” track, big players like VEVO and Spotify will be in attendance, as well as ad players like New York’s Digiday. The Senior Vice President of Video for AOL will also be in attendance, discussing technologies that will disrupt businesses in years to come. Given AOL’s recent acquisition of Adap.tv, and the fact that it’s surpassed Google’s YouTube for sheer number of video ads served, its VP of Video should offer up some valuable insights into ways to leverage video.

Who are the hottest startups pitching in Turkey today?

Webit will also feature a “Leaders of the Future” track, which will showcase success stories from Skype, Bit.ly, SoundCloud, to name a few, tactics from Yandex, Desado, and others, and a look at the strategies of several regional and global investors.

But most interesting will likely be its Global Startup Challenge pitches over both days. We look forward to meeting the winners. 

List your questions below- what would like to ask the speakers? If it's appropriate, we'll ask it for you and report back. 

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