Geeks on a Plane coming to Dubai Tech Nights

Event overview

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  • Start date

    November 14, 2013

  • End date

    November 14, 2013

On November 14, 2013, ‘Geeks On A Plane to Dubai’ will meet with local entrepreneurs to chat about building their startups.

Geeks on a Plane (GOAP) is an invite-only tour for startups, investors, and executives to learn about burgeoning technology markets worldwide. The mission of GOAP is to unite geeks and explore cross-border opportunities.

The programs goals include:

  • Meet startups, geeks, and investors in cities around the world.
  • Learn about trends in internet, mobile, and other tech platforms.
  • Gain insight into local markets, demographics, business models.
  • Meet cool people, new ventures, have fun on planes, trains, buses.

To learn more about the event, or to RSVP, checkout their event page here


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