The startup and digital revolution in the Arab World, Paris, France

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    December 02, 2013

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    December 03, 2013

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It's a fact, the startup ecosystem is blossoming in the Arab world. How did it happen? Who are the main players? How can the Arab diaspora help? 

In partnership with Wamda,, a French hackerspace, and StartupBRICS, a French-written blog on startups in the BRIC countries, are inviting French entrepreneurs and members of the Arab diaspora to discuss this startup revolution.

Several key players will lead the debate:

  • Claire Ulrich from Global Voices, an international blog platform
  • Julien Le Bot from Yakwala, French media on data
  • Aline Mayard, Wamda's French Editor
  • Rayna Stamboliyska, expert on open data, and free speach in the Middle East
  • Ahmed Chebil, Tunisian entrepreneur (hosting, cloud and data security) via Skype
  • Akram Belkaïd, author of "Etre Arabe aujourd’hui"

The debate will be curated by Hugo Sedouramane, journalist at l’Opinion and project manager at Club 21ème Siècle, and Sabine Blanc, journalist specialised in hacktivism in the Arab world. Those interested can register here.

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