4 must-watch documentaries for entrepreneurs [Wamda TV]

The year is almost over, and many entrepreneurs take this time to reboot, take a step back, and get out of the bubble. For those looking for a broader view of their ecosystem while they're taking a break from the rat race, Wamda has put together a video summarizing four must-watch documentaries about entrepreneurship and startups. 

Click the titles below for more information on the full-length documentaries. Enjoy! 

1) The Startup Kids (2012) 

Want to understand the realities of launching a startup, especially at a young age? The Startup Kids takes you on that journey and features interviews with many prominent companies — DropBox, Vimeo, SoundCloud — and their founders.

2) Indie Game: The Movie (2012) 

The gaming industry and startups are much more alike than you think. From looming deadlines, competition and product iterations, the lessons from this documentary shows you that good ideas are not enough — you have to deliver, commit and most importantly, don’t take long to launch. 

3) Downloaded (2013) 

Sometimes being the first is not always a good thing, especially when it comes to creating  new markets. This documentary is all about the launch of early peer-to-peer music sharing service Napster in 1999, and the legal implications the founders faced. Key lesson for entrepreneurs? Sometimes it’s better to grow slowly and safely rather than quickly if you incur later legal expenses.

4) Code Rush (2000)

Project Code Rush takes us through the stressful months before the launch of Mozilla by Netscape developers.  Though the main idea of the documentary is how it was groundbreaking at the time (in 1998) to share the source code with other developers, the underlying message is about team effort — and how building a great product or service (most of the time) can not be done alone and needs a pool of talented and passionate individuals.   

Production, Script: Zeina Tabbara Voice over: Nina Curley 

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