Weekly Wrap-Up: December 08-12

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Check out our Hangout with Christopher Schroeder!

Yesterday, we took part in a Middle East focused Google Hangout with "Startup Rising" author Christopher Schroeder, discussing the entrepreneurial revolution in the region. Joining in from our Beirut office were startups Fly-Foot, Lebtivity and Et3arraf.


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6 inspiring quotes for entrepreneurs from Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela tips for entrepreneursNelson 'Madiba' Mandela's life is brimming with valuable examples of compassion, empathy, and dedication we can each draw inspiration from. Here are 6 quotes that may help you find your inner Mandela.

Women's entrepreneurship and social media: the two hottest trends at Arabnet Riyadh 

ArabNet RiyadhWill traditional marketers become extinct in the next five years? Manal Assaad wraps up all you need to know about the hottest discussions at ArabNet. Find out what the biggest regional digital market is, and more in her post.

Enigma thinks big data can change the world

EnigmaFounder Hicham Oudghiri knew he was onto something long before his data representation of the US government shutdown was retweeted by non other than president Barack Obama. In a world where data sells like hotcakes, Enigma is banking in on meaningful analysis and practical representations allowing everyone to make sense of it.

PayPal brings new mobile payment option to rapidly developing East Africa

PayPal The continent is often touted as the "payment platforms" market to watch. Yesterday, we reported on PayPal offering stepping in to offer a powerful solution to making and collecting online payments. Read about it here.

Yellow Pages Egypt opens avenue for low-cost, high-quality marketing videos

Yellow Media EGYellow Pages Egypt is aiming to help startups boost their ads by offering them affordable video production and distribution across platforms services. Here's why it could help startups make a dent in the local market.

10 amazing holiday gifts from innovators in the Middle East

Gifts for the holidaysThe holidays are just around the corner and if you haven't yet decided what to get your loved ones, this post can greatly help you save face. Check out 10 super cool startup innovations you could offer!

Turbines bring winds of change to the West Bank 

Turbines bring winds of change to the West Bank To this day, Palestine is still heavily dependent on Israel for energy - something this entrepreneur is set to change. Meet Fadi Quran from Independent Wind.

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