Weekly Wrap-Up: December 15-19

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What keeps you inspired?
Staying inspiredStarting up is no piece of cake. Entrepreneurs need to stay resilient, driven, and passionate no matter what challenge, disappointment, or last minute major bug they face. What keeps you inspired?
As you're winding down from the weekend, here's a list we've pulled from our archive of the top 20 most-watched TED talks to get your imagination going.

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Articles you Might have Missed

Arab startups impress the crowd, challenge investors at French tech event LeWeb

Arab startups at LeWebThe latest edition of LeWeb included a panel titled "The Arab World's Startup Rising". French editor Aline rounds up the discussion and how it helped clear out some of the clichés often attributed to the region.

How do Saudis use social media? [Infographic]

Getting to know social saudisWhile Facebook is the largest social platform in Saudi Arabia, it may not be where Saudis are the most active. Find out which platforms they favor, and how they engage with content.

Mobile advertising more vital than ever to marketers in the Arab world [Infographic]

Mobile marketing in the Arab worldWhile past few years have seen a solid shift of focus towards mobile, until the last two years, mobile advertising might have been lagging behind. This may make a dent in traditional marketing approaches.

Aliqtisadi partners with Harvard Business Review to offer management content in Arabic 

Aliqtisadi partners with Harvard Business ReviewArabic business news portal Aliqtisadi recently announced launching a new section featuring content from Harvard Business Review. Here's why the portal is well on its way to become the leading global source of business news in Arabic.

5 internet trends for the next 10 years, from LeWeb Paris

LeWeb trendsThis year, Europe's largest tech event celebrated its 10th anniversary around a discussion of web trends we'll witness in the next ten years. So what will the next decade look like?

What did Lebanese entrepreneurs learn from the Dublin Web Summit?

Web Summit in DublinRecently hosted in Dublin, this year's Web Summit was their biggest so far, with 10,000 attendees from all over the world. Lebtivity, eTobb and Sociatag were four Lebanese startup who were selected to exhibit as part of the Summit's Alpha program. Here's what they had to say about it.

5 tips for getting your content on Google's In-Depth Articles search result

In depthBack in August, Google introduced a new addition to their results page: "In-Depth Articles". LEBSEO founder and Wamda contributor Wissam Dandan tells you all you need to know about it, and how to get your content in there.

TEDxCarthageWomen celebrates Tunisian women's past, present, and potential
TedXCarthageWomenThe latest edition of the TEDxCarthageWomen saw tickets sell out within the first four minutes- why? Wamda contributor Courtney Joline breaks down the conference in this post.

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