Mentorship key to growing Bahraini startup ecosystem, says Ernst & Young executive [Wamda TV]

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Mentorship is key to growing the Bahraini startup ecosystem, according to Doris Martin, the Human Resources Assistant Director at multinational mega-corporation Ernst & Young, which handles financial and other ‘professional’ services for companies and individuals around the world.

Ernst & Young Bahrain, according to Martin during an interview with Wamda’s Nina Curley after speaking at the 2nd Annual Leading Women in Business Forum at The Capital Club Bahrain, has launched a new project called EY Connect, wherein subject managers from E&Y volunteer to mentor young entrepreneurs in the ecosystem. The program focuses on both one-to-one in-person meetings “so entrepreneurs feel that someone is physically there” for them, but the team has also found regular e-mail, telephone, and social media correspondence to be effective avenues for mentorship.

Martin had the same answer for questions regarding challenges to startups in Bahrain and the element most impeding progress to the ecosystem: mentorship. Increased training and mentorship sessions in the country are needed to address a dearth in technical skills primarily.

Why is Ernst & Young, and Martin in particular, addressing the need to grow the ecosystem? “I want to give back to my community,” the executive said. 

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