Startup news ticker: Arabic video tutorial platform launches in Egypt

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Welcome to Wamda's weekly startup news ticker, which will offer quick announcements and stories relevant to the region. If you have a quick press release to share about your startup, let us know at 

Launching, Egypt’s online video tutorial platform 

Seven months ago, Mo’men Sherif started working on, a new platform that features video tutorials in Arabic in Egypt.

The team, which has worked on approximately 600 videos, produces one course each month related to marketing, web development, design, and other topics that are not usually taught in universities, Sherif said. Each course has around 150 videos along with a file that can be downloaded.

Users can check out a few free videos about their desired course before paying online for the whole thing. launches an English version and a new design 

News website has recently redesigned its website to enhance user experience and add both English and Arabic to its interface.

Mobilk is a website that covers news about mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. It launched on July 4th, 2011 and has now posted around 40,965 articles, according a press release. The platform has also started covering news about scientific and medical researches, forums, conferences, and exhibitions.

You can check their redesigned interface by visiting their website here.

New program to support online media providers launches in Lebanon

4M Mashreq is a new program that officially launched on December 6th in Beirut. It aims at supporting the development of emerging online news media in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, and Iraq.

“The project will take the form of 5 incubator sessions in Beirut, during which project teams will be coached by international experts,” says the press release. The project is led by CFI, the French media cooperation agency, in partnership with AltCity, SKeyes, and the Institut Français in Beyrouth.

For those interested, they can visit this link to register before February 3rd, 2014.

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