Weekly Wrap-Up: January 19-23

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One thing all coverage of the CES in Las Vegas agreed upon, is that wearable devices will quickly be moving from niche applications and early adopters into more mainstream products. Can we categorize the creativity of big players delving into that sector like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit and Google as innovation? And how should entrepreneurs think when creating a wearable device? -MR

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How Big Hass sold hip hop to Saudi Arabia

Big Hass and ReVoltBig Hass, of his real name, Hassane Dennaoui, is the blogger behind ReVolt Radio and Mix FM Jeddah’s talk show host. Learn how he went from running a blog to creating a movement around hip hop.

What are we talking about when we talk about innovation?

Degree of InnovationIn the realm of startups, the use of jargon can sometimes get a little overwhelming. The word ‘innovation' has been used to mean a number of different things- so how do you define innovation?

Wearables market projected to diversify, expand by 2018 [Infographic]

Wearables market projected to diversifyWearable tech has been a hot topic for a while, generating a lot of buzz both online and at conferences. So how should you expect the market to grow? Here’s a look into the opportunities offered by the new market, and where it stands today.

How Instapush will make it easier for entrepreneurs to monitor their businesses

Instapush making it easier for entrepreneurs to monitor their servicesInstapush, launched by Egyptian startup PushBots allows entrepreneurs to monitor specific activity on their websites, and even receive notification on their mobile devices, so far catering only for Android. Here’s what their services could mean for entrepreneurs.

How to build a great content marketing strategy

Building a great content marketing strategyAs an entrepreneur, you rarely have the luxury of extra budget, or even time to devise a content marketing strategy from scratch. LEBSEO founder Wissam Dandan highlights a new, healthier attitude you should adopt about content, and its promotion.

How the Muslim Pro app got 9 million users in three years

Muslim ProDuring LeWeb Paris, Wamda French editor Aline caught up with Erwan Macé, a French entrepreneur based in Singapour who is developing an app targeting Muslims. Here’s how MuslimPro built up a clientele of over 9 million users.

Should your startup get rid of traditional corporate hierarchy?

Holacracy for startupsHolacracy, the new organizational model recently adopted by Zappos is about more than just axing job titles. But is it necessarily a good fit for startups? Read up on the advantages it offers, and how you may want to adapt it.

Can Egypt's first online medical community succeed?

DrBridgeDigitilizing healthcare has created a significant enough market for developers, and the entrepreneurs behind healthcare network DrBridge were quick to jump on the bandwagon. Launched in 2012, it evolved from targeting doctors to including patients. Here is the story behind it.

Two successful Saudi game developers eye the international market

Local AliensIndie game development studio Local Aliens specializes in mobile. Find out what the founders think about the mobile app market in the Middle East and how they hope to grow their company.

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