Afkartoon, a Palestinian startup specialized in educational cartoons [Wamda TV]

[English subtitles] 

After a stint working in drawing and designing, Monzer Matrabie decided to launch Afkartoon to make educational cartoon clips.  

Afkartoon, which means 'ideas' in English, began with animating two-dimensional drawings and has since developed its program to include three-dimensional designs as well. The company also produces silent comical video clips and is working on developing mobile applications based on cartoons.

The founder won a competition in which he was chosen to receive incubation at the Palestinian incubator PICTI. Prior to his career as an entrepreneur, “I was an architect specialized in drawing and designing as well as researcher and author of children books. That’s how the idea came to me,” he says.

The company, through its educational videos, is trying to educate Arab and Palestinian young people by bringing to life educational songs that might make school subjects more fun for children. There’s still a long way to go, says Matrabie, but the idea of making cartoons out of educational songs is new and will make good profit when marketed well, he believes.

Among its future plans, Afkartoon wants to develop more products and distribute them in the Arab and global markets, as well as communicate with satellite channels that will produce educational songs.

Matrabie says that his startup will make profit through selling its products, but until that moment, the company will post its work on its blog and its YouTube channel.

Check out an interview with Matrabie and few clips from Afkartoon in the above video. 

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