Join the #40Forward Hangout tonight to hear more about Google's new program to support women entrepreneurs

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Google for Entrepreneurs
isn’t leaning back when it comes to promoting the inclusion of women entrepreneurs in tech. This winter, the tech company has launched #40Forward Rethinking the Gender Gap, a global challenge to startup communities to increase participation of women by 25% this year.

Women-led tech companies achieve 35% higher return on investment, and, when venture-backed, bring in 12% more revenue than male-owned tech companies, according to Google, and yet, women currently only receive 4% of available venture capital worldwide.

Google for Entrepreneurs, which assists 70 programs in 125 countries, is working to rebalance that equation, providing funding to 40 of its partner organizations, including Wamda for Women, to increase representation of women in startup communities.

Tonight, at 9am Pacific Standard Time / 9pm Dubai, #40Forward will host its first Google Hangout live on their G+ page, featuring program leader Bridgette Beam, along with 5 founders and entrepreneurship program leaders from around the globe, who will discuss how their programs are addressing the gender gap and shifting dynamics in entrepreneurship around the world.

Join to follow the discussion on the #40Forward Google+ page, at 8pm Riyadh/ 9pm Dubai.

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