Palestinian startup offers online Arabic children's stories [Wamda TV]

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To add an Arab touch to the world of children’s online education, Palestinian entrepreneur Asma'a A. Abu Tailkh has established Ana Arabi, a startup that offers educational children's stories online in Arabic. 

“We came up with this idea after a thorough examination of the needs of Arab children,” says Abu Tailkh. The stories target kids between 12 and 18 years. “This is the age at which Arab values should be instilled in the minds of children,” says Abu Tailkh. In an attempt to appeal to as many kids as possible, the website provides a broad spectrum of stories of various genres and topics, including comics, adventure, fiction, Arabic language and culture, sciences, and history. 

Winning an incubation phase competition of 30 startups, associated with the Mobaderoon 2 project, has been a huge part of Abu Tailkh's journey as an entrepreneur. “Winning the Mobaderoon project [fulfilled] a dream I've had since my college sophomore year,” says Abu Tailkh.  

With the $4,000 USD prize from Mobaderoon, as well as another sum for marketing and stationery, she was able to lay the cornerstones of her company, investing in developing, building, and marketing the app, as well as buying all the tools she needed to establish her startup. 

Abu Tailkh composes and writes these stories herself, choosing topics based on sessions she has with pedagogical experts.

The startup makes revenue by charging customers a monthy subscription fee of $15 USD for full access to the stories. Abu Tailkh is also working on a mobile app, available for both Android and iOS, giving users access to Ana Arabi stories for an annual subscription fee of $10 USD. 

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