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    April 27, 2014

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    April 27, 2014

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TEDxCarthage is back for its latest edition entitled “The Differences We Make,” on April 27 at the Palais des Congrès. With 18 speakers from Tunisia and around the world, this event wants to showcase some of today’s most powerful ideas, and inspire young people to see their own power to make a difference. 

As Tunisia celebrates some major political achievements in its political transition, including a handover to a technocratic government and the successful ratification of a democratic constitution, there are still significant challenges ahead. Economic growth remains stagnant, youth employment rates have not improved, and more and more people are moving away from civic activity, as many of the goals of the Tunisian Revolution have not yet been realized.

This upcoming edition, however, hopes to counter this growing apathy. Rather than focusing on the negatives of the current situation, TEDx wants to highlight how regular citizens can make an impact on a local, regional, or even national level.

Read more on how this gathering of 100 people turned into a 2,000-person event held at the Palais des Congres in downtown Tunis in our previous profile on TEDxCarthage.

The lineup for the April 27th edition will feature:

  • Amel Karboul Tunisian Minister of Tourism
  • Remi Gagliardi Entrepreneur
  • Tarek Lassadi Founder of Traveltodo, the first online Tunisian travel agency
  • Lotfi Maktouf International lawyer and founder of the Almadanya civil society organization
  • Nicoletta Lacobacci Singularity University and a PhD candidate focusing on the role of media in a trans-human ecosystem
  • Dr. Nikolais Mavridis Expert in robotics and helped design the world’s first Arabic-language Andorid Robot
  • Nadia Cherif  Founder of C&C Tendering, which supports civil society
  • Asma Mansour Co-founder of the Tunisian Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Moncef Dhouib Playwright, puppeteer, and actor
  • Rafik Halouani Mourakiboun
  • Lotfi Hamadi Founder of Wallah We Can, an organization that supports student life in Tunisia
  • Bassem Bouguerra A software engineer and founder of Reform, an NGO focusing on security sector reform
  • Faouzia Charfi- Physics professor and former politican
  • Leila Riahi Gaïeb Ferme thérapeutique pour handicapés
  • Dr. Aziza Baccouche Scientist and television producer
  • Akram Ben Yedder A marketing executive and founder #Kelma, 
  • Taig Khris International urban skating champion
  • Yosra Chaibi- Leader in the governing body of the International Federation of SOS Children’s Villages

For more information, please visit: www.tedxcarthage.com and follow the organization on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TEDxCarthage

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