4 of your worst startup fears, and how to overcome them [Infographic]

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Do you think you have a good idea for a business? Are you getting ready to start building it but have some hesitation haunting you? In her infographic below, Anna Vital has some answers for you.

Check these four scary questions that might slow you down, and see the five reasons why you should surpass those fears and start.

1. Do I know enough? Go ahead and act with limited information. Fear comes from thinking you don’t know enough.

2. What if I am wrong? Trust your gut. You don’t have much choice – if not your own, then whose gut are you going to trust?

3. What if I fail? Imagine the worst. Thinking about the worst case scenario makes you realize that it might not be that bad.

4. Is everyone else afraid? Realize the value of “unscared” will put you ahead of the competition.

You will only be afraid until you just do it. 

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