OuiShare Drink Beirut

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    August 14, 2014

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    August 15, 2014

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OuiShare is organizing the first get-together for people interested in collaborative consumption, makers, fablabs, crowdfunding, coworking, open design, open knowledge and anything P2P related in the Arab World.

OuiShare is an open global community of passionate people (entrepreneurs, designers, makers, journalists, researchers, politicians, citizens, and many more) working to accelerate the shift towards a collaborative economy through media and events. On Aug 14th at 5:00pm at Hbr Platform, Beirut, OuiShare will host an event in Beirut called Drink Beirut. This event is open to startups interested in Collaborative Economy, the Market Movement, Crowdfunding, and open/p2p/sharing business models.

This first edition will feature: 

  • Part 1: Intro of OuiShare & the collaborative economy: what is it, what it could bring to the world and Lebanon and what Lebanon is already doing

  • Part 2: Sponsor presentation

  • Part 3: Online Chat with Collaborative Economy public figure

  • Part 4: Open Pitch Session: Collaborative Economy Startups: 5-10 mins max / 1 Slide,Website for each initiative.

  • Part 5: Open discussion around the sharing economy in Lebanon

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