C3 Starter Program in UAE

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    September 27, 2014

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    September 27, 2014

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Social enterprise C3, Consult and Coach for a Cause, is organizing their Starter Program, on Saturday, the 27th of September, in Knowledge Village.

C3’s Starter Program introduces aspiring social entrepreneurs and potential volunteers to social enterprise concepts as well as to C3 Philosophy, to enable Middle East emerging social entrepreneurs to become active agents of positive social change.

The full-day event includes presentations, networking sessions and workshops dedicated to teach best practices, the dos and don’ts when launching a social enterprise, benefits and challenges of social and environmental missions, and potential business models. Business and social impact experts with extensive experience in sharing their knowledge with future social entrepreneurs on a volunteer basis compose the event’s speaker panel.

seats are limited. To reserve your spot, book it on Eventbrite.  

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