The Maghreb Digital Learning and Education Innovation Conference

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    December 08, 2014

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    December 10, 2014

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The British Council, Tunisia is organizing The Maghreb Digital Learning and Education Innovation Conference that will explore the broader context of digital and online education - including its benefits, challenges and future potential for the countries of the Maghreb- Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and also bring in expertise from the UK and further afield.

Around 80 delegates will convene in Tunis from December 8th till 10th to discuss practical applications for secondary, tertiary and vocational education through workshops, seminars and discussions. The conference will help to address the increasing demands for flexible and relevant learning opportunities in the region, and help build trust between the UK and the Maghreb countries during this crucial period of political, social and economic transition.

The conference will invite delegates from government, academia, NGOs, private enterprises and international institutions with aim of;

  • Relating the potential of online and digital education to the challenges facing the Maghreb Region including greater learning opportunities, youth unemployment and digital literacy

  • providing a platform for sharing local and international best practice  in digital and online education and resources

  • Initiating regional collaboration by sharing ideas for a future digital project for the  Maghreb project

  • identify and connect up successful digital educators and developers  from  the Maghreb Region, the UK and other countries

  • Launch the Maghreb Education Innovation Awards

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