Investor and entrepreneur Noor Sweid talks to Wamda about angel investing [Wamda TV]

At our final Mix N’ Mentor of the year in Dubai earlier this month we took some time to talk to the mentors about their particular areas of expertise. In this video, we speak with Endeavor Board Director, Angel Investor, and entrepreneur, Noor Sweid

In her first encounter with Wamda, Sweid shares why Angels can make for great strategic investors and brand ambassadors. As the ecosystem sees more investor interest, we were curious to ask her what she thought were crucial steps for first-time angel investors before placing their bets on a startup. “The market is key, and first-time angel investors tend to get really excited about the entrepreneur and […] lots of people jump on board [thinking] 'I’ve found the next best thing’ […] and it’s easy to get caught up.” Angels need to study the market, product, technology, as well at the pitfalls before jumping in.

And there are benefits to approaching angels. “Depending on the angel investors,” she adds, “those that invest in just a couple [of startups] become real brand ambassadors," often pitching the startups themselves to potential business partners or at dinner parties.

Watch our interview with Sweid as she addresses the question of global versus  regional expansion, as well as a great anecdote about passion for one's business - Sweid was approached for funding, and when they were asked what the startup was about the answer was simply: "I'm not sure yet".  

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