Google Developers Group host first Damascus event

A group of young Syrians, specialized in Google services and tools, have organized a first meetup for Google Developers Group Damascus, Saturday January 17. The group worked in collaboration with Syrian Computer Society Network.

The over 350 attendees had the opportunity to learn from the specialists about Google’s tools, and its technological platform secrets in a way that matched their needs.

With the support and encouragement of Google, the GDG initiative is held in many countries and cities around the world in order to form a space for developers and IT experts to share their ideas and experiences, helping to overcome the obstacles and challenges faced by global Google users.

Despite difficult weather conditions and the exceptional situation in the country, the number of attendees was strong. The team received 650 applications through its online registration page, and extended invitations to the 350 eager participants.

“It was a really successful experience, which will push us to launch our next step through workshops specialized in each service and feature provided by Google’s advanced technology,” said group director Walid Nassri, commenting the results obtained by the group. “The majority of attendees are creative Syrian developers who deserve this chance. We want to provide opportunities for all, for a greater number, in cooperating with people who want to support our society with such activities.”

In explaining what his session entailed, e-marketing expert Suleiman Shalaty said: “We demonstrated Google’s concepts and techniques, Google AdWords and Google SEO, and how entrepreneurs can benefit from these tools. Our plan for the coming days is based on providing intensive and focused workshops in each area separately.”



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