How 5 Maghrebi entrepreneurs met their business partners [Wamda TV]

One question often leads to another, especially when the answer is not what you expected.

A couple of months ago, we asked Tunisian and Moroccan entrepreneurs to tell us how they met their cofounders. We were expecting people to tell us they met their cofounder by accident at a tech conference, like Chifco’ Amine Chouaib, or that they found them among their childhood friends, like’s Youssef Hassar, or that they worked together like Abweb’s Taher Alami. Instead, half of them told us they didn't even have a cofounder.

Digital Mania’s Walid Sultan Midani was actively looking for a cofounder, but couldn’t find someone who believed in video game developing in Tunisia as much as he did. For’s Youssef El Hammal and Alami, staying solo was a well-thought decision.

“I’d rather do everything myself,” states El Hammal, explaining that “there will always be a feeling of frustration due to the fact that one feels the other doesn’t work hard enough.”

As for Alami, he stands for a rather unusual position. For him, one should create their first startup on their own, and look for a business partner only for their next venture.

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