The Saudi Festival of Science and Innovation 2015

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    February 03, 2015

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    February 08, 2015

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The "Saudi Festival of Science and Innovation" is an annual scientific motivational demonstration, providing science and technology care especially for students, and members of the community in general. It will be held  from February 3rd till 8th, 2015 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The festival has a variety of activities, interactive science provided by famous local and international speakers in the field of science and technology, live presentations of scientific experiments and guided tours, and panel discussions with specialists and lectures. In addition to workshops, and exhibitions for a range of scientific research and innovative projects for leading students of public education in the Kingdom.

The festival contains three main paths: 

  1. Ibda: A Two-Track Scientific Contest, in which competitors provide individual or group projects according to the special criteria and controls of each track.

  2. Ibhar: Workshops, scientific shows, interactive experiments of science and technology applications, stage educational shows, scientific movies, and useful activities.

  3. Wamadat: An open scientific forum, aims at helping the gifted, innovative and researchers to foresee new future knowledge horizons

For more information about the festival and how to participate please visit this website.

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