Hacka { MENA } 2015, Dubai [DISCOUNT]

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    April 02, 2015

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    April 04, 2015

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Hacka { MENA } is a social impact Hackathon bringing together the most innovative technopreneurs from code and design industries from around the world to solve problems they face in less than 72 hours. The event will be held on April 2nd until 5th 2014 in Dubai, UAE - so get ready to hack out for social good.

Over the weekend, technopreneurs will receive skill-sessions related to their industries to ensure that they have all the necessary tools. Participants can work on one of the real-life case studies tackling social issues that companies have supplied or work on their own idea to achieve positive social change and build a team around it.

The event, in partnership with In5 and Dubai Internet City, will give prizes from Adobe and Blackberry, an opportunity to showcase at the EXPO 2015 in Milan, Italy, coaching sessions, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole weekend and a chance to connect with a network of new developers, designers and technopreneurs.

Those interested in attending can benefit from a discount by using the promotional code: WAMDA10. Check out the agenda and apply.

Hacka MENA

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