Innovative thoughts at the Arab youth Employment Conference in Jordan

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    April 28, 2015

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    April 30, 2015

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The Arab youth Employment Conference: Promoting Innovative Solutions to Longstanding Challenges, will be held from April 28-30,2015, in Amman, Jordan. The event is organized by Silatech and hosted by the International Youth Foundation.

The three-day event will showcase innovative solutions to the MENA region’s persistent youth employment challenges. It will act as a space where new partnerships can form between policy makers, youth-serving organizations, and youth themselves to support the replication and scale up of successful initiatives.

Leading NGOs, policymakers, private sector actors, and researchers will share their insights and help build partnerships to support Arab youth employment. Conference attendees can participate in 21 sessions organized by 14 contributing partners showcasing innovative approaches that are being developed throughout the region and featuring prominent thought leaders and social innovators working to address the youth employment challenge. The conference sessions will focus on three tracks: employment, enterprise, and engagement.

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