Arabnet Digital Summit 2015 in Dubai

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    May 27, 2015

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    May 28, 2015

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Arabnet Digital Summit 2015 is one of the biggest event in MENA, gathering thousands of attendees and hundreds of speakers every year since it’s launch.

The two-day conference will take place on May 27-28, 2015, in Dubai. Digital professionals and entrepreneurs in the region gather yearly at this key event.

Among the six events composing the summit, the Forum Track highlights cutting edge in technology and e-business, financial technology and innovation, digital analytics and big data, and how programmatic buying is changing how media and communication agencies communicate with their audience.

The Next Track is a brand new track where key industry leaders share their companies latest advances in e-marketing. It will feature panels and talks on programmatic buying, real-time content and creative, branded content, and planning integrated digital campaigns.

The Ad+Tech Academy will help attendees hone their digital marketing skills thanks to its talks on cutting-edge advertising technologies, case studies by burgeoning talents, and hands-on skill-building workshops.

The Startup Track will give insights in the most recent developments in MENA startup ecosystem. attendees will be able to learn the best methods to expand into the region’s market and be able to meet like-minded individuals that could become potential investors or partners.

Silicon Valley’s 500 Startups, one of the world’s leading tech investors, will run the exclusive new DistroCamp Track workshop. It is aimed at giving tools to new startups that allow them to survive and thrive right after their launch.

Participate in the Digital Showcase to fully unlock the networking potential of the event. Participants will be part of The MatchUp:400 facilitated meetings where startups will be able to select meetings with more than 70 industry leaders across media, advertising, commerce, and enterprise.

To learn more and register, visit the official website here.

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