5 apps to help you stay focused this Ramadan

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Getting organized at the best of times is hard. All you need is some quiet....and an app.

Your smartphone can be a powerful tool when it comes your habits and managing your work. In the upcoming hot and challenging days of Ramadan, it’s possible that you will make some worrying observations about your productivity. These apps will help you finish the Islamic holy month with all your tasks complete.

Habit List

A habit-making app that gets you motivated and focused on what’s due. As explained by the app’s creators, it lets you track your progress history by gaining insight on what’s working and what’s not. The app also gives you personal bests and total completions. 

Using Habit List during Ramadan you can keep track of your daily goals. Through the app’s interface, you’re able to know which tasks you’re on your way to completing and which ones you need to pay more attention to.

This is a fully-featured app that allows you to have a more in-depth Ramadan experience by listing your month-related goals, progress and thoughts. Think of it as a tracking system for your activities during Ramadan. The app also lets you share your progress socially so you can enjoy the experience with your friends.

With a focus on the spiritual side of your activities, it allows you to pay full attention to the time spent practicing your prayers. If you want to stay organized and focused and explore your spiritual activities, Ramadan Legacy does that perfectly.

If you’re looking for a simple hack to save time and increase productivity during the 30 days, then a great solution is task automation. IFTTT does exactly that, so you can work on what matters.

This app helps during Ramadan by creating connections between the products and apps you love. For example, you can a create a “recipe” that lets the app upload your recently published Instagram photo to Dropbox, instead of you doing it manually. You can also use it for automating complex tasks: saving important unread articles using Pocket, sending an important SMS to coworkers, or even sending automated responses to expected emails. This app can be insanely useful during Ramadan, especially when it comes to taking tasks off your hands and increasing your energy during the holy month.

Muslim Pro, one of the most popular Islamic apps, is known for its accurate prayer time schedule on mobile devices. If you’re planning to keep track of your spiritual life during the coming 30 days, then Muslim Pro is the ticket. The app features the full Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics and translations. It also has a Qibla locator and an Islamic Hijri calendar. The app’s interface allows you to easily navigate through its features making sure you get Ramadan’s full spiritual experience.


If you want to stay on top of your tasks and make sure you’re not going to waste time during the month, then OmniFocus is an app that cannot be ignored. The app crafted its features to enable you to divide your tasks into projects that are connected to your calendar and email. OmniFocus excels in managing longterm projects and complex tasks, which means that it’ll enable you to pay close attention to the projects you’ll be working on during the month. You can easily check the tasks you’ll be doing throughout the day, include relevant folders within the tasks, and easily search completed tasks.

What about you? Do you rely on certain apps to better manage your workflow during Ramadan? We’d love to hear them from you in the comments below.

We wish you a very productive Ramadan!

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