ZINC Entrepreneurship Festival in full swing

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    May 28, 2015

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    June 12, 2015

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The ZINC Entrepreneurship Festival is in full swing and still has some very interesting events before it’s closure on June 12, in Amman, Jordan.

Organized by the Zain Group in its Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC), the festival is a conglomerate of events meant to ignite the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem in MENA.

The festival started on May 28 and will end on June 12. There are still many events left for you to attend.

These events all require registration and include:

-Startup Band, a two day bootcamp for musicians. (June 5-6)
-Back to Startup basics, a workshop that will cover basics of startup market strategies and investment plans. (June 8)
-Entrepreneurship Movie Night, a screening of the documentary “Something Ventured.” (June 9)
-Founders & Funders, an open mic event for entrepreneurs to discuss their experiences and the ecosystem. (June 10)
-Startup Bootcamp Istanbul, where five startups will be selected to pitch their ideas, receive funding and go to Zain’s Istanbul bootcamp for three months. (June 11)
-Wamda’s Mix and Mentor, a community event that brings together promising entrepreneurs with industry experts and investors to discuss startup challenges.

You can find more information at ZINC Entrepreneurship Festival facebook page by following the provided link.

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