How to leverage failure [Wamda TV]

There is no shortage of literature about failure. Bloomberg reported that the average startup that failed between 2010 and 2013 failed 20 months after its last financing round.

Indeed, 90 percent of all startups will eventually fail, according to Forbes.

Entrepreneurs wax poetic about their failures. Take FailCon, a convention where entrepreneurs try to learn from their failures before they move on to their next - and hopefully wildly successful - venture.

And there is speculation that we’re in a startup bubble, that funds are flowing into businesses that are unlikely to provide returns.

So how can entrepreneurs prepare for, and learn from, the seemingly inevitable?

Wamda discussed just this with entrepreneur, investor and Kamelizer CEO Hanan Abdel Meguid.

“Failure is the most frequent milestone you’ll encounter,” she noted.

How can you use this milestone to your advantage? Watch the video for her take on the matter.

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