Damascus plans its first Entrepreneurial Summer School program

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    August 30, 2015

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    September 05, 2015

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Entrepreneurial Summer School Syrian Youth Empowerment Program
Organized by the Syrian Youth Empowerment Program (SYEP) team, the 7-day long program aims to help youth aged between 15-18 year olds develop and foster the entrepreneurial skills needed in their firsts step into the startup world.

Salam Al-Nukta, Eyad Al-Khayat and Majd Al-Khawam who make up the SYEP team strongly believe in empowering and helping Syrian youth shape themselves into inspirational future leaders. One key element in achieving that is raising awareness at the parent level; so for the skeptics in your family, there will be space for you to get involved.
To this effect, they're launching their first edition of the Entrepreneurial Summer School program (ESS), implementing an adapted version of the open source curriculum from Stanford University, namely involving an overview of the 'Youth Engaged in Leadership and Learning' (YELL) resources
The program will be segmented into themes:
  • Communication,
  • Leadership 
  • Research 
  • Action 
The final day will feature presentations of the participants' projects. 
To give the sessions, SYEP has tied up with partners from Sanad Team For Development, Mobaderoon, and the ICT Incubator. The event is hosted at ICT Incubator in Damascus and precedes the start of the school year. This will not be the SYEP's only step to boost the entrepreneurial spirit in Syrian youth - so stay tuned for further updates!

If you're up to the challenge, make sure you apply today. Places are limited and the deadline is on the 24th!

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