EXPO 2015 Innovation Challenge

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    October 09, 2015

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    October 11, 2015

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Sponsored mainly by DAFZA, a leading Dubai free trade zone, The EXPO Innovation Challenge is about creating solutions to real challenges through purpose-driven tech. Held at 9-11 October at the Bou-tek digital venue in Milano, Italy, the event aims to bring together the most innovative, daring and talented programmers, entrepreneurs and designers, and provide them with a supporting environment to build high-impact and scalable solutions under the theme “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life” in less than 72 hours.

During the weekend, the selected participants will receive skill-sessions related to coding, design thinking, and pitching, as well as inspirational sessions delivered by industry-experts. Participants have the chance to pitch their own ideas relating to the theme of the event, and, if selected, work on them in groups. Participants also have the option to tackle the real-life case study related to innovation within the food industry value chain. You can check the schedule here

The winning teams will be awarded up to 20,000 EUR and have the opportunity to go through an unique process of incubation and mentorship, provided by leading European incubation hubs for 6 months, in order to give them an opportunity to develop their ideas into successful startups. 

It will be a fun, challenging and very hands-on weekend. Participation is free (upon competitive selection process), and participants will be provided with the option of staying at the venue all night. 

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