Harvard Arab Weekend Startup Pitch Competition

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    November 05, 2015

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    November 08, 2015

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As the largest pan-Arab conference in North America, the Harvard Arab Weekend has prided itself on showcasing a mosaic of perspectives and insights on the most pressing issues in the Arab world. 

The event, held on the weekend of November 5-8 at Harvard University, is hosting an Arab Startup Day aiming at promoting the growth of Arab entrepreneurship by offering coaching, mentoring and investment opportunities.

 The contest: held on Saturday November 7th, it will allow 10 pre-selected teams to pitch their startup to a panel of high-profile judges for a prize of 20,000 USD. Teams in 2nd and 3rd places will also receive prizes. All three awarded teams will have the opportunity to participate in the Harvard Business School Career fair alongside other large organizations the day following the competition. 

• Workshops: A variety of interactive workshops will be held the day of and the day following the competition to provide the 10 startups with coaching and training on relevant topics.

• Feedback Session: The startups will get the opportunity to receive direct feedback from members of the jury and network with leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, industry experts and other members of the startup community the day following the competition.

Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM Eastern Time on October 5th, 2015. All required documents listed to startuppitch.haw15@gmail.com

Application Requirements

1. Presentation (or Text Document) with the following information: description of the product/ service offered, the problem/need the product/service is addressing, the target market, the customer value proposition, the market positioning, current/projected financing and operational plan with key milestones
2. Profiles should cover the education and professional experiences of the team members
3.Start-Up Pitch Prize future uses

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