Coding for kids classes from the Coding Circle in Dubai

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    November 07, 2015

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    December 12, 2015

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Tech education company The Coding Circle has opened registrations for a new beginners’ course and for the first module of an intermediate course, both starting November 7th at The Bureau Dubai. 

The startup teaches kids how to problem solve, design, create and express themselves via technology. The twoncourses are:

Introduction to Web Development: Students learn to plan and develop a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) – critical to building a successful web or mobile application. In addition, the course introduces the basics of proper product management and scaling as well as current trends in design and best practices in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Students define their own projects and work in teams of up to three. By the completion of the course students are able to design and build a dynamic website which they can deploy on a hosted server online. Registrations are open here.   

Intermediate Web Development Part 1:  Building on the first course, the twopart intermediate course will introduce students to general-purpose programming languages, web development frameworks and server deployments. Specifically, students will learn the Python programming language and get introduced to the Django framework used in developing popular web applications. Intermediate Web Development Part 2 will be offered in early January next year. Upon completing this two part course, students will learn the basics to build their own social media or e-commerce website. Registrations are open.

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