Pretotyping and Beyond: Building the Right ‘It’ Before You Build ‘It’ Right

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    October 21, 2015

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    October 25, 2015

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'Pretotyping and Beyond: Building the Right ‘It’ Before You Build ‘It’ Right', the first pretotyping workshop in the region, will be held in Dubai on October 21 at The Cribb working space.

The workshop will be hosted by Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur, mentor and adviser Karina Sotnik.

What is pretotyping and how does it help startups?

In the most basic terms, pretotyping is a new tool that helps teams validate new ideas quickly and cost-effectively. It is the art and science of "faking it before making it" when it comes to innovative products or services. The concept was originally developed by Google engineering director Alberto Savoia in 2009 as a way to test new products before they launch. The point is to simulate the experience of having and using a new product with the smallest possible investment of time and money. 

About Karina Sotnik

Karina Sotnik is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, adviser and educator. She spent more than a decade in Silicon Valley in senior positions helping companies grow globally. She also launched three ventures of her own including WorldUpStart, focused on providing mentorship, consulting and advice to academic incubators, including PCI Ventures at the University of Pennsylvania (US), Accelerace Life (Scandinavia), and ITMO QD (Russia).

Karina is also offering a limited number of one-on-one sessions for teams.

These 2-hour sessions will be personalized for each team and their offerings. Sample outcomes include:

  • Better definition of or localization for your product
  • Quick market assessment and recommendations on how to broaden it
  • Better understanding of the customer vs. payer
  • Valuable feedback on your product pitch 

For more information about the one-on-one sessions visit the workshop link above or contact The Cribb.

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