Social Media Summit in Damascus

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    January 09, 2016

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    January 10, 2016

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Are you a Syrian entrepreneur looking to upscale your digital content? If you are, then the Social Media Summit is a must-attend event. Organized by Syria-based Intellect Events, the summit will host prominent speakers from the Syrian and regional entrepreneurial scene from January 9 to 10 in Rida Said Hall at Damascus University. It will handle topics especially tailored towards content in the Syrian market, combining recent global trends with regional and local practices, such as:

- Syrian social media success stories
- Branding your social media
- Future trends of social media
- Content marketing strategies
- When engagement turns into results

The event will include a lineup of 12 speakers, including:

- Soliman Rustom - Board member at Syrian Researchers
- Ahmad Edilbi - Founder & CEO at Dubarah
- Shamma Hydar - Founder & CEO at Zen Marketing Inc.
- Maher Mounes - Journalist for France24, BBC & yahoo news  
- Firas Enaya - Partner at Intellect & Marketing expert (20+ years experience)
- Hazem Haykal - General Manager at TMS Arabia, Manager at Haykal Media 
- Hisham Dakkak - Social media and digital marketing expert & entrepreneur
- Ra'fat Khalaf - Founder & CEO at Look in MENA 
- Moayad Zien - Founder at SyrianWatches
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