Angel investment vs institutional investment [Wamda TV]

During Wamda’s last Mix N’Mentor in Cairo, we met up with Lana Alamat, partner and general counsel at Wamda Capital, for a chat about the investment world.

She discussed key points on when to raise funds, where from, and why. “It’s first and foremost a matter of stage,” Alamat said, focusing on how each type of investment is related to the industry, market size and stage of the startup.

She explained the different types of funding sources, whether it was personal funds, ‘friends, family and fools,’ an accelerator, or angel investors.

Alamat also discussed how institutional investors work, their processes, mandates, committees, parameters, and of course a timeline to exit. She furthermore explained the importance of institutional investors and value they add to a company.

Listen to the full video for valuable insights on how to go about raising funds for your startup.

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