Egypt Big Data Hackathon III

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    February 16, 2016

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    February 20, 2016

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The Information Technology Institute (ITI) will hold its third edition of the Egypt Annual Big Data Hackathon on February 18-20th, at the ITI Premises – Smart Village in Egypt. The hackathon is in partnership with the UNDP, IDRC, ILO and TERADATA, within the proceedings of the Regional Data-Driven Innovation Week.

The hackathons avail opportunities for youth to explore, and analyze Egypt's public data from various ministries and come up with innovative prototype solutions. The solutions target:

  • Enhancing the quality of life and service satisfaction of the Egyptian citizen;
  • Deriving new applications and business opportunities.

Following the success of the first two rounds since 2014, this new round exploits public big data and case studies from the domains of – among others - Water, Public Transportation, Climate Changes. 

This year's 3rd Round is a 3-day Knowledge Day and Hackathon exploiting the power of Egypt’s wealth of Big Data in developing innovative solutions for pressing key challenges on Egypt’s national agenda. It is in partnership with the Government Associations owners.

New also this year are opportunities offered to participants to explore and use crowd-sourced big data collected by private companies through their social media and traffic applications. 2-DAY PRE-EVENT TRAINING (16-17th Feb.)

The event's program:

16-17 February:pre-event training bootcamp

18 February: The event hosts keynote speeches from the industry’s pioneers and the sectors’ experts to share expertise and pool of knowledge with the hackathon’s participants who are given the opportunity to learn more about the latest technologies and tools in big data Analytics through hands-on training and interactive workshops.

18-20 Feb: Hackathon and awards ceremony. Participants then undergo a two-day competitive HACKATHON for team-based projects to prototype their solutions and services, providing commercially viable opportunities in the hackathon’s domains using the highlighted big data analytics tools and technologies. Overnight stay at the ITI Campus is permissible during the 3-day hackathon under prior authorization conditions.

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