Women's Startup Lab: Two-Week Intensive Residential Program

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    February 21, 2016

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    March 06, 2016

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Women’s Startup Lab (WSL) empowers female founders to be strong leaders, to create powerful startups and to influence and shape the world though their companies, using collaboration, community and innovation. They're hosting a two-week program that aims to make a powerful impact with your tech startup:

  1. Be an effective and confident CEO: Lead with a powerful pitch, where your personal story is guided by 20+ years of seasoned pitch coaches to drive funding prosperity
  2. Build and expand a solid prep and funding path. As you see in the news, funding opportunities are less readily available, only those who are prepared and polished with solid results will get to the funding.  Investors wants to get to know you early on and we have communities of investors that are here to meet you.  Every moment is a chance encounter to achieve VC traction and with WSLab’s network and community your sure to gain a path to funding.  
  3. Establish a new marketing strategy with growth hacking & distinct branding to accelerate your traction
  4. Expansive insight and unwavering focus for your startup with deep 360 startup, leadership and personality testing, 1:1 coaching, and a renewed business road map for your startup success
  5. Velocity in accessing resources, mentors & advisors to grow your company and to gain investments
  6. Clarity attainment with fellow female entrepreneurs and personalized learning & advising sessions, unlike other accelerators where you are 1 of 60+ founders
  7. Be Iconic: Make your brand known by going through our unique Catalyst and Charismatic Presence workshop 
  8. Special attention & powerful intros to other accelerators, partner VCs and angel groups, for funding opportunities
  9. Collaboration & strong bonding that the WSLab female founder’s community provides you during all-weather challenges in your startup journey
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About WSL

Women's Startup Lab first started as an interest group in January 2013. It quickly outgrew its initial environment. In October 2013, the company became an accelerator focused on female founders and their teams. The non-traditional accelerator focuses on CEO development and transformative coaching in addition to company growth and network expansion. Mentors include Bill Joos, Principal At Go To Market Consulting, Fran Maier, Co-Founder At Match.Com & TRUSTe, Denise Brosseau,CEO & Founder Of Watermark and Trish Costello, Founder & CEO Of Portfolia.

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