'Design Build Breathe' Conference in Cairo

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    March 13, 2016

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    March 13, 2016

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Design Build Breathe

In light of the growing concern for ecological and environmental problems, the Design Build Breathe conference aims to showcase the latest eco solutions from around the world, creating a dialogue between government officials, architects, real estate developers, technology providers and academics.

A large network of influential speakers will be speaking at the conference on sustainable urban planning, green build councils and other topics. World-renowned architect Stefano Boeri will be speakeing, along with notables such as Khaled Bushnaq, CEO of EMS Int, Dyfed Aubrey, director of the UN-Habitat Regional Office for Arab State and Hend Farouh, Associate Professor of Sustainable Architecture & Urban Development at Egypt’s Housing and Building National Research Center.

Some of the panels and discussions held by the experts will include the following:

-"A vision of smart greenery transforming our future cities", by Sherif Hosny, CEO of Schaduf.
-Government and NGO influence on green building, by GM of technolology at the Ministery of Environment in Egypt
-Green build councils: a global movement and the local economic impact of sustainable buildings, by Salah Hagar,    president of the Egypt Green building Councel
-Energy efficiency building code implementation in south MENA region, by Kurt Weisegart, team leader at MED-ENEC

Also, two hands-on workshops will take place about waste management and green materials, respectively, with the aim of impacting the attendees’ understanding of what is possible within the boundless world of sustainable innovation.

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