Angel Rising 2016: Investor Education Symposium

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    April 30, 2016

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    April 30, 2016

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In order for a startup ecosystem to flourish, the investor base needs to mature and evolve in lock step with the entrepreneur base. Angel Rising conference aims to help a new class of investors by providing the education they need to succeed, grow and mature, just as entrepreneurs do. The conference takes place on April 30 at NYUAD Campus, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi Conference Center Auditorium (A6).

This year's symposium will focus on how an angel investor's equity in a company changes over time as the company grows and adds additional sources of investment. Also, new this year, are case study workshops covering term sheets and valuations, two essential components to the relationship between investors and entrepreneurs. These are some of the talks at the event:

"Equity Life Span" by Owen Davis, managing director NYC Seed 

"State of Digital Investments in MENA" by Omar Christidis, CEO and founder, ArabNet 

Panel: Emerging Key Trends in Investments 2016

Moderator: Becky Anderson, managing editor, Anchor, CNN Abu Dhabi
Mona DeFrawi, CEO and founder, The Valley Fund
Anwar Imam, senior legal professional, HH The Ruler's Court
Issa Aghabi, head of investments, twofour54
Greg Moran, CEO and cofounder, Zoomcar

Workshop 1: Term Sheets

Facilitators: Sonia Weymuller, cofounder, VentureSouq
Suneel Gokhale, cofounder, VentureSouq 
Greg Moran, CEO and cofounder, Zoomcar

Workshop 2: Valuations
Facilitators: Sonia Gokhale, cofounder, VentureSouq
Tammer Qaddumi, cofounder, VentureSouq
Rami Shaar, CEO and cofounder, Washmen

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