Deadline for applying for the Hello Tomorrow Challenge 2016 now open

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    June 18, 2016

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    June 18, 2016

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Hello Tomorrow

Hello Tomorrow Challenge, a global startup competition for promising science and technology projects that aim to create positive change in the world, is now accepting applicants for its third round. The global non-profit is encouraging science inventions in these nine categories: energy, healthcare, wellbeing, transportation and mobility, food & agro, waste & water, factory 4.0, data and connectivity, air quality, flight. 

The application period is between April 19 and June 17; the grand finale will be held in Paris during the Hello Tomorrow Summit on October 13 and 14. 

If you’re a startup or have a project with less than 400,000 euros raised AND you’re working on a core technology to develop a product that will have an impact on industries and society, then you’re eligible to apply.

What do you win? 

The grand prize winner gets 100,000 euros, and 15,000 euros for the winner of each track.

Additionally, the top 500 startups (100 from each continent) will be invited to the Hello Tomorrow Summit to meet and interact with sector-specific and invite-only investors, top executives and fellow founders.

They will be featured in the Global Startup Ranking of early stage SciTech startups, published in more than 100 countries by Hello Tomorrow, top universities and media partners. 
You can apply with your own startup or, what's more, you can recommend a startup you think deserves to win.

Hello Tomorrow is a global non-profit headquartered in Paris that aims to accelerate science & tech innovation by empowering startups with cash prizes and connections with investors and industrials. Its global startup competition for the most promising projects & startups has helped 60 previous early-stage graduates raise more than $90 million, with 57 of them still operational.

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