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    April 20, 2016

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    April 21, 2016

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ElRe7la are preparing to kick off their next four-day unconventional camping experience outside of the city, bringing together leaders, entrepreneurs and people who make things happen for a connective experience. The agenda is to focus on delivering a holistic experience to the mind, body and soul. This season's camping trip to Nuweiba, Egypt will take place between May 12 and 16. Registration deadline is April 20.

5 main activities will be spread across the agenda: organized networking, business innovation, fitness & fun, relaxation and artistic expression. It's not just educating the mind with technical know-how, but also challenging campers physically and emotionally to be more effective leaders.

Following these 4 intense days, the community remains connected through 3 channels:

-Reunions and followup camps: ElRe7la organizers have different annual meetups to reconnect the community and dive deeper with the work they are doing.

- Online knoledge sharing: we use a community updates and opportunity newsletters, facebook groups and Linkedin groups as tools to speed up the knowledge transfer between campers of different generations.

-The 90-day challenge: community members decide on a habit they they want to change in themselves for them to reach more happiness or success. 

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