PayFort launches new Saudi payments option

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Payfort's Saudi customers now have a new way to pay. (Image via Alsiasi)

PayFort has integrated a new feature into its FORT payment solution in Saudi Arabia, which they say will streamline payments in the country.

The Souq-owned payments company is using the SADAD Payment System to allow merchants using the Fort option to offer Saudi consumers the option to have purchases deducted directly from their bank accounts, via the addition of the Sadad account.

It means particularly ecommerce merchants only have to integrate one API with their online stores in order to add bank account payments to the choice of payment methods offered to online customers.

Sadad was launched in 2004 as an electronic bill presentment and payment service to streamline a clunky and cumbersome Saudi bill payments system via banks.

“Using the Sadad account with the Fort, Saudi enterprises will be able to offer online payment options to a dramatically expanded consumer base,” said PayFort managing director Omar Soudodi. He said it would allow customers to pay via their own bank accounts and an easy way for merchants to offer that option.

“More and more Saudi businesses are beginning to rely on online payment processes,” said PayFort Saudi Arabia country manager Muteb Alobeiwi,. “The addition of Sadad account to the Fort will provide businesses with the means to accept payments from an even wider range of consumers.”

PayFort’s Fort product is a payment platform for online merchants, from which they can manage processing and bank transactions as well as include different fraud tools, and local payments options such as Fawry in Egypt, NAPS in Qatar or, now, Sadad in Saudi Arabia.


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