Startup Hackajob 2016 in Dubai: Get hired by a startup

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    April 22, 2016

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    April 23, 2016

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Startup Hackajob 2016 is an event that invites tech talent of all ages to prove they have the skills to take a startup to the next level. It's an invitation for tech experts to compete for a chance to change the world by being on board of a fast growing startup. Four of the region's most promising startups are calling programmers to join their fast growing teams in a 24-hour style sprint to prove their worth through code. Organized by SquareCircle Tech and supported by In5 Innovation Centre, the event will be held on April 22nd at the In5 Innovation Centre in Dubai.

Adding a 10X engineer to a strong founding team can end up being a startup's most powerful weapon. These output driven hackers are asked to go above and beyond what they know as the first employees in startups and deliver challenging projects on the fly. This call is ideal for:
  • A fresh graduate eager to join the startup world (and scared of a boring desk job)
  • A tech talent stuck in a corporate job that no longer challenges you
  • A skilled student looking for a tech-heavy part-time/internship role that doesn't involve making others coffee

How does it work?

  1. Developers sign up to different challenges and code through a 24 hour hackathon sprint.
  2. Each Hacker presents his work to an initial panel of judges, a top 10 list of challengers are selected. 
  3. Winners of each individual challenge will be invited for personality interviews before being awarded the job positions as per the challenge description.

To get an idea of the kind of challenges that developers are assigned, visit this page.

If you're excited to be part of this challlenge, register here.

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