Cairotronica: Cairo International Electronic and New Media Arts Symposium

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    May 03, 2016

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    May 15, 2016

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Cairotronica will be taking place for two weeks on May 3-17, organise in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the Fine Art Sector in the American University in Cairo. The event, which has a sole focus on innovation and creativity, is a hub for connecting artistic visions to academic, business, scientific, and educational practices under the interest of electronic arts exploration.

For two weeks, audiences will be exposed to the latest in electronic arts installations in an interactive environment with exhibitions, screenings and out-door performances. This year's proposed theme is "Connect", a reference to connecting the dots: connecting disciplines, people, artists, designers, ideas and nations.

Various disciplines of electronic and new media art will be presented: algorithmic art, digital art, digital performance art, electronic music/VJ, game art, generative design, generative music, information art, interactive art, internet art, video and experimental film and animation.

The conference will host diverse activities of artist talks, academic presentations, electronics, new media art and academic festivals from around the globe, and will tackle gaming, activism and hacktivism, artificial life, artificial intelligence, robotics, data visualization and mapping, text and narrative environments, code, language.

A sneak peak at the exhibitors:

Betty Mü (Germany), Dennis Doty (USA) , James Bridle (UK), Ruben Pater(The Netherlands), Harun Farocki (Germany), Marcus Neustetter (South Africa), Khaled Hafez (Egypt), Foundland (the Netherlands and Syria),Heba Amin (Egypt), Norimichi Hirakawa (Japan), Mohamed Shoukry (Egypt), Theo Eshetu (Ethiopia, UK), Ahmed El Shaer (Egypt), Lawrence Wallen (Australia), Omar Ghayat (Egypt), Haythem Zakaria(Tunis), Mapping Possibilities (Egypt), Tabita Rezaire (France/New Guinea), ID PW (Japan), Magdalena Kallenberger (Germany), Lotte Meret Effinger (Germany), Islam Abdallah & Ahmed Abdel-Karim (Egypt).
As for the workshops, they include:
  • Projection mapping by Dennis Doty (USA)  
  • Dream Lab, by Andrea Traldi (Italy)  
  • Audio and Visual processing with Pure Data, by Greg Pond (USA) 

The event is open to all, and entrance is FREE.

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