10 coworking spaces for startups in the Gulf

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A few years back, you had to head to Dubai to find a few coworking space in the Gulf. It's no longer the case. 

In the last year, Kuwait has turned into the hotbed for coworking spaces in MENA, even Yemen joined the fun. As for Dubai, it has seen a lot of coworking spaces closing, and many more opening recently.

Coworking spaces in the Gulf tend to look like they come from a home interior magazine, and to offer a lot of services, including mentoring, trainings, hip coffee, domiciliation and handling licenses.

We’ve collated the coworking spaces across MENA which are oriented purely towards coworking - so that means no soulless office spaces or spaces with membership restricted to incubated startups only. They offer varying levels of services, from a simple deskspace to a vibrant community of events.

Check out the full list here.

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