Three growth hacking tricks to keep online users [Wamda TV]

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Some entrepreneurs only consider putting effort into marketing just as they are launching their product. For growth hacking and marketing expert Nagi Salloum, that's the wrong approach. 

Salloum, is the founder of Mobile Growth Academy, an online platform in Silicon Valley that offers entrepreneurs video tutorials and how-to's on acquiring users and growing their businesses.

He has also been an advisor for a number of startups such as online review platform Qaym and Ecommerce Sea. He formerly headed global product marketing for the chatting app Tango.

In this video Salloum addresses the common pitfalls in marketing and advises entrepreneurs to obsess over three particular elements in order to acquire more users and retain them.

The first of these is tapping into the existing communities, using the example of Whatsapp.

“Whatsapp has now around one billion users. There’s a huge network on [it]. Don’t create it from scratch.”

He also stresses on retention, positioning and the types of messages that are required to adopt a good marketing strategy.

Watch the interview above with Salloum to find out what the other two important elements are, and how can they be applied.

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