Amman Design Week 2016

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    Amman Design Week

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    September 01, 2016

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    September 09, 2016

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A group of Jordanian designers and creatives with a passion for art, design and culture has brought us together to create a new and exciting initiative – Amman Design Week #ADW2016.

Their aim is to foster a design culture in Jordan and establish Amman as a regional hub for imagination, expression, experimentation, and talent.

Design is everywhere

Amman Design Week, a multifaceted nine-day event taking place from 1 to 9 September in several venues around Amman, brings together designers, makers and enthusiasts in a holistic and inclusive environment. The timetable incorporates immersive and interactive exhibitions, workshops for both adults and children, a talk series, guided tours, culinary experiences and independent events in creative spaces throughout the city – all of which are accessible and open to all.

The first iteration of Amman Design Week aims to build a citywide platform that encourages design thinking and establishes Amman as a potential hub for the cross-pollination of communities and ideas, offering a series of events, workshops, exhibitions, talks, discussions, and networking opportunities.

Preparations in the making.

Amman Design Week will initiate activities at three main nodes in the heart of Amman. The preliminary program offers a diverse audience the opportunity to exchange ideas, explore new horizons, and create connections and collaborations.

THE HANGAR EXHIBITION The main exhibition will take place at the Amman Electricity Hangar in Ras El Ain. The Amman Electricity Hangar was built in the 1930s and adapted and restored into a contemporary public space with the idea of hosting cultural events.

THE MAKERSPACE Located in the Jordan Museum, Amman Design Week’s MakerSpace will offer opportunities for visitors to explore and examine new means of creation using digital fabrication technology, 3D printers, audio-visual devices, and advanced robotics.

THE CRAFTS DISTRICT Amman Design Week aims to establish the Raghadan Tourist Terminal as a social space and an exploration of the importance of using craft in issues of empowerment, self-expression, and storytelling. Curated by architect Dina Haddadin, this exhibition will offer a holistic link between culture, heritage, and contemporary craft through a series of pop-up shops, demonstration booths, design installations, and a traditional food component.

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