Game Connection Europe 2016

Event overview

  • Event type:

    Networking event

  • Organizers:

    Connection Events

  • Start date

    October 26, 2016

  • End date

    October 28, 2016

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Game Connection Europe 2016 will take place from 26-28 October in Paris alongside the Paris Game Week.

Meet with more than 2 700 business executives at the next Game Connection Europe 2016 and schedule up to 55 meetings with companies like : Channel 4 - All 4 Games, DeNA, France Televisions, and many more.

Game Connection is a deal making event dedicated to video game professionals only. In short, it is a networking event that connects companies, game developers, services providers, publishers and distributors.

Attendees will conduct powershot 30-minute back to back meetings with each other. All participants’ meetings are organized online through on online matching tool live one month before the event.

In a nutshell Game Connection is the guarantee:

  • to meet the right people: only C-level participants

  • to speak to the right people for your business: through the online profile you know, before scheduling a meeting, if the partner is interesting for your business

  • be efficient: fixing the meeting is as simple as sending an email and you don’t have to manage your agenda which is just time consuming.

One important deadline not to miss is the end of the early bird rates ending on September 7, so make sure to register early.

For more detailed information on the event, view this presentation

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