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    Thinkers & Doers

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    December 01, 2016

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    December 01, 2016

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Tunis has been witnessing a tidal wave of transformations and changes, with the growth of a new generation of leaders who are pioneering the new economy model. Tunisian entrepreneurs are the main driving force who are changing the rules of the game when it comes to the economy, creating the tools necessary for creators, innovators, artists and builders to start their own businesses amidst the new wave of technologies and digital revolution.

Thinkers & Doers, La French Tech, the Ile de France Region and IHEC Carthage have chosen Tunisia as their first stop in a series of international conferences. An inspiring rendez-vous for all entrepreneurs looking to network with new thought leaders and stakeholders in the ecosystem.

The event is set to happen on December 1 at IHEC, where the day will be fully scheduled with meetings, debates, masterclasses, and speed dating conversations. For a whole day, by invitation only, the new leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, artists are coming to Tunis in order to meet that new committed generation in order to try and collectively redefine what it means to be a leader today.

The conference aims to tackle the subject of what it means being a leader in contemporary Tunisian society. The number of talks and discussions revolve around creating synergies between, specifically entrepreneurs and investors who are capable of evolving the ecosystem to become more mature and efficient.

The networking event fosters ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs by letting them share their ideas with experienced and qualified members from the ecosystem, who will provide guidance and even inspiration.

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