AWTAD UP Communities rounds of 2017 [Call for applications]

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    January 23, 2017

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    January 30, 2017

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The Association for Women’s Total Advancement and Development (AWTAD) is an NGO dedicated to the professional and personal development of Egyptian women and youth as means to empower them on both social and economic levels.

Through training sessions, workshops, mentoring programs, and knowledge-sharing sessions, they aim to create a trust-based network that facilitates the exchange of ideas and expertise.

UP Communities’ is a multi-step program aiming to guide entrepreneurs from having just an idea, towards reaching a fully grown business model. This program targets entrepreneurs in their most challenging years (0-3 years) and are ready to take their projects and ideas to the next level. All entrepreneurs with a proof of concept or some operating history or are scaling up will benefit from our three tiered program Thinkubator, Start Up and Scale Up.

During the ‘Thinkubator’ stage participants will work on developing their ideas through 2 hands-on workshop sessions, in order to build a solid idea with a concise business statement.

In the next stage, which is ‘Start Up’, participants will have an initial business idea formulated in a basic business form and ready to be taken to the next level of really starting up.

Once they reach this point, participants will have reached a certain level of growth with their ideas & business models, and therefore would be ready to start networking/communicating with interested investors looking to expand.

The final stage is a 2-month program consisting of workshops, interactive training and mentorship sessions.

There will be only 15 participants selected for every stage, so make sure to register before the deadline on January 30.


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